Micro-soldering/brazing processes use low melting temperature alloys to join materials. The parts to be joined do not melt, instead the solder/braze materials melt to effect a metallurgical bond. A variety of methods can be used at the joint interface to melt the solder/braze materials including resistance, infra-red, laser, and thermal conduction.

0.003 wire soldered to gold plate
0.003" copper wires
soldered to gold pads
parallel gap soldered joint
High Magnification of parallel
gap soldered joint

- Inexpensive equipment.
- No melting of materials other than the solder/braze so no weldability issues between the base materials to be joined.

Solder/Braze Materials In Stock:
Approximately 50 different solder alloys. Cusil, nicusil, nioro, silver, ti-cusil, georo, gold-tin, silcoro, aircosil, incuro, incusil and lithobraze brazing alloys.

Unique Capabilities:
Equipment/techniques for soldering/brazing wires/foils as thin as 0.0005".
Fluxless techniques for soldering/brazing.

Soldering/Brazing Equipment:
- Parallel gap welding head up to 10 pounds force
- Dual head reflow soldering system fully automated.
- Infra-red solder reflow system.
- Same power supplies and welding heads as the resistance welding can be used for the soldering/brazing.

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